New sotd theme week.

Thanks to a suggestion from my BFFF* Carynn, I’ve hit upon another Theme for this week’s SOTDs. For simplicity’s sake, I’m going to just call it Drug Songs, but I’m aiming for a bit more subtlety here (think “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” except – depending on who you ask – it’s not that subtle, I guess). There are a couple directions I can go here, and I haven’t decided which path Imma take just yet:

1. Controversial Drug Songs, i.e. is it about drugs? Is he singing about a woman? Or drugs? Or a woman who does drugs? Or doing drugs with a woman? Or maybe his dog?

2. Obvious Drug Songs. I don’t need to provide an example, because, durrrr.

So… input?


*Ironically enough, we picked this up after watching Pineapple Express (“BFFFs?” “Best fucking friend forever?” “Yeah.”). Full circle, folks. Full fucking circle.

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