sotd 3.21.11

It took approximately .09 seconds of internet research to determine that if there’s one thing that folks love to do, it’s blazing up a big ol’ fattie and writing a song about it (or something like that, er). While there is no shortage of ditties dedicated to the joy and pain of heroin or cocaine, weed really does seem to come out on top.

Spend some time on and you’ll see that the topic of “drug songs” is  smokin’ hot. These message board people are fierce, man! I mean, short of directly asking the songwriter what the heck he or she meant, is there any way to say 100% definitively what a song is talking about? Always exceptions to the rule, I know.

I chose this song to start out our week because, at least according to Uncle Google, the meaning is pretty universally agreed-on. Start slow, ease into the controversy.

“Burn One Down” / Ben Harper (1995)

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