sotd 3.22.11

Some cool notes about this song:
1. Hear the horns? Think about other Beatles tunes you know. Remember any horns? Probably not, because I’m pretty sure this is the first time they were used in the studio. Tres cool.

2. This is a McCartney (though it’s credited as Lennon/McCartney), and it’s one that Lennon really liked. A lot. As in, he thought it was some of McCartney’s best work. Muy cool.

3. The “you” is (according to Sir Paul himself) marijuana. That might not be as “cool,” depending on your side of the fence, I guess.

“Got to get you into my life” / The Beatles (1966)

One thought on “sotd 3.22.11

  1. Katie says:

    I’m gonna suggest “Pass the Dutchie” for your theme week for the following reasons: 1) It sounds an awful lot like they’re singing about weed. 2) They claim they are not singing about weed at all, but about something else (I forget what, since I don’t quite believe them). 3) The “they” in question are a bunch of kids. Like, little boys, even, who should probably not be singing about smoking pot. 4) It’s danged catchy.

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