Conversations with Juanita.

Ma: Do you want to hear something horrible?

Julie: No, I probably don’t.

Ma: There was this guy who wanted to kill his wife for the insurance money so he dropped an 80 POUND CONCRETE BLOCK ON HER HEAD.

J: Ow.

Ma: He was on the roof and he THREW it at her!

J: Ow.


J: Whoa! Wow…

Ma: She had a concussion, and was in the hospital for awhile, but SHE LIVED! Can you believe that?

J: Well, that’s not so horrible. I mean, it’s horrible that he tried to kill her, but she lived.

Ma: Oh, well, he took her out to the woods and shot her two months later.

J: Oh.

One thought on “Conversations with Juanita.

  1. Carynn says:

    For the record Conversations with Juanita are my favorite blogs. She needs to write guest blogs for you. I can only imagine what would come from that woman.

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