sotd 3.28.11

Most days, I think that the Internet is a wonderful thing. Take today, for instance. I first heard this song… holy shit! 20 years ago?!… and it very spontaneously popped back into my head recently. But I couldn’t remember the song, because when I first heard it, I thought I was mishearing the girl’s name. Are they really singing Aisha? One quick Google search of one snippet of one line and guess what? I was right, just had the wrong spelling.


Does anyone else remember this one?

“Iesha” / Another Bad Creation (1991)

p.s. More youth that should be in school! Why are their mothers letting them dance like that? Heavens.

One thought on “sotd 3.28.11

  1. Mel says:

    I’ve never heard that song before. Are those kids, like, 8 years old?!

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